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CRM & Social Media

If you're like most smaller organizations, you didn't have a web site worth a darn until well after everybody else, and you didn't have a Facebook or Twitter presence in a timely fashion either because management thought those were teenage diversions. Well, listen-up:  The customer relationship management (CRM) boat has left the dock — are you onboard?!?!

There are certainly choices when it comes to CRM software offerings. Here's a no-nonsense look at why you need to get off the dock and get a CRM working for you as quickly as possible:

Social Conversations

Rich Media Gets Them Talking

If you're lucky enough to get followers, keep them and get them talking with great interactive content like videos, photos and 360° virtual tours along with coupons and special offers. 360Village can guide you through this process as well as provide you with those interactive features for your social stream as well as your web site.