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Search Engine Strategies

Making your web site easy to find is vital for businesses in our Web 2.0 world, but most business owners and marketing directors are not well-versed in this discipline. A comprehensive strategy to increase your online visibility not only can increase revenue, but if done correctly, should easily pay for itself over the short-run. Key components of a strategic search engine-focused online marketing plan include:

360Village Founder Dan Stone has trained others in the industry and served on panels of search engine marketing experts at conferences such as Search Engine Strategies in Silicon Valley, California. Maximizing search engine visibility and maintaining an attractive and user-friendly Web page design do not have to be mutually exclusive. "Far too often a Web developer will sacrifice good search engine optimization practices in exchange for a more elaborate layout and design, or vice-versa. A clean, simple approach invariably works better from both an SEO perspective and good, intuitive design. In the end, such an approach gives the client a longer-lived Web site at a lower cost." said Stone. Register for a 360Village Online Marketing Workshop »